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I just want to say THANK YOU soooo much to Dr. Patterson for helping my daughter. I had no idea how much her health and well being was being affected such as her breathing, sleep, speech, and teeth development. Even the circles under her eyes were all related to her mouth breathing instead of nasal breathing and her tongue placement. The oral therapy has made a big difference. Dr. Patterson is wonderful with children and I am so glad we were referred to her!

Teal S.

Dr. Patterson is the best! She was thorough in explaining my issues and the treatment process. She answered all my questions throughout the process. I’m extremely satisfied with the results and highly recommend her services.
Sarah P.

A very knowledgeable doctor. This is the way to get better when you haven’t been able to before. Get answers. Get help. Get healthy.

Sunnshine W.

I would like people to know that I have been a patient since the beginning of the year. My goal was to stop/reduce my snoring.  With the help and teaching of Dr. Patterson I have absolutely achieved that goal.  I now use an appliance at night for sleeping which has helped greatly in reducing my snoring (even my husband agrees!). My dentist referred me to Dr. Patterson and I am so happy they did.  At this time I continue my therapies and sleep with the appliance. Sometime this summer/fall I should complete the treatment. Also, because of my therapy I was referred to a sleep Dr. and discovered I also have sleep apnea. Further along in my therapy I will see if the sleep apnea improves. I want to thank Dr. Patterson for her dedication to these therapies and most of all sleeping better now. She is easy to work with and so flexible too.  Thanks Dr. for what you do and for helping me! 
Sue M.

There aren’t enough amazing things to say about Dr. Patterson and myofunctional therapy. I’ve been working with her for a couple months now and she’s been the utmost patient, understanding, and professional individual I’ve had the pleasure of working with. Myofunctional therapy has helped me so much, I used to be such a heavy mouth breather and felt I would suffocate if I even breathed through my nose at all, ESPECIALLY at night. Now I breath so much better through my nose, I can actually keep my lips closed, I have been working on proper tongue placement which apparently is SO important. I‘ve learned and gained so much from my sessions with Dr. Patterson, working one on one with someone who had me push through my frustrations at the beginning is what I am beyond grateful for. For anyone considering enrolling in this therapy with Dr. Patterson, you can only benefit from it, it’s definitely worth it!

Carla C.

IMG_20220403_145538_2 (1).jpg

Ethan J.

This patient's complaints included clenching and grinding, headaches, poor sleep, neck, jaw, and back pain. At the time of this letter, he had completed close to a year in a biomimetic oral appliance that grows the jaw and airway and all of his symptoms are now resolved or greatly improved.

Hi Dr. Patterson,


I stumbled across the photos I sent you before starting on the Vivos appliance and was curious to see how my face has changed so far. I'm really impressed with the growth that's occurred in my face (I attached the before and after photos below). I even think my deviated septum may have gotten a bit better—let me know what you think. I don't see any noticeable gaps forming in my teeth, but there is no tightness between them when I floss. Besides the physical differences, the pain I get in my neck has significantly lessened and I'm having a much easier time breathing when lying down and exercising. This isn't something I really thought about since the improvements were gradual, but seeing the differences in my face made me reflect on how my quality of life has changed since starting Vivos. Thank you so much for that!


Admittedly there have been many nights where I don't wear my appliance, so I've been progressing quite slowly. But the progress I've noticed so far is enough to keep me committed for however long the full treatment might take. 


I've been cognizant of my resting tongue posture to the point where it will unconsciously sit in the proper position you've taught us, and my jaw pain/stiffness is gone since I don't clench my teeth anymore. Again, thank you so much for improving my quality of life in the littlest yet most influential ways possible. Despite all the stressors of life and school, everything feels much more navigable thanks to how you've helped. I can only imagine how much worse it would be to approach everything going on right now on top of the physical discomfort I used to have. I feel I can move more confidently and exist at ease without all the jaw, neck, and back pain I had. While writing this I also just realized I don't get headaches nearly as often as I used to. If you ever need a client testimonial, I am your guy!


Revive looks like it's been growing crazy fast. I'm super happy for you and hope you can keep helping other people live more comfortably.



Ethan J.


This patient completed 6 months of orofacial myofunctional therapy, had a lingual frenectomy, and wore a functional appliance in order to address his main concern of clenching and grinding. Once that habit was eliminated, he proceeded with rebuilding his smile. He wore a splint to help reposition his TMJ and get him used to where his bite used to be before his severe clenching and grinding wore his teeth down. After 4 weeks, we prepared all of his teeth for crowns and placed him in temporary crowns. The final result is the picture on the left

"Thank you so much Dr. Patterson! I appreciate all that you have done for me!"


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