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Jaw and Airway Development

Airway is key to life. Normal breathing is silent breathing through your nose. It is quiet and effortless. There are many components to having and/or developing a healthy airway and properly aligned teeth.

Growth guidance therapy for adults involves gently and safely stimulating the lifelong remodeling potential within the jaws and face. By correctly applying growth appliance strategy, the results can be very profound. These include creating room for crowded teeth; development of the face in a forward horizontal direction which improves the appearance of the cheek bones, eyes, nose and lower jaw line. This opens the airway, potentially eliminating sleep breathing problems.

Early intervention on jaw development promotes healthy airway, jaw and facial development for a lifetime. By starting early in a child’s facial development, we can use appliances and other orthopedic stimulation to maximize the full genetic potential of facial growth. By eliminating snoring and mouth breathing by developing the child’s airway, we promote restful sleep and all the developmental benefits that affords a growing child.

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