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Coya Gonzales

Life Coach/Owner

Permission Slip Coaching 


Changing habits. Building health.




Coya Gonzales has worked as a leader, training and coaching in the healthcare industry for the past 19 years. As her professional career grew, her marriage of 12 years came to an end. Understanding the needs of her two children, Coya took a demotion in order to be there for them so they could understand, feel and heal. It was a simple reminder of how temporary the present is and how amazing the future could and would be.





Overcoming and understanding her own perceived obstacles led her to complete the Coaching Certification Program at JRNI. Coya's coaching approach is to hold an open, non-judgemental space for her clients to achieve the goals that they want and dearly deserve! By walking alongside them, Coya helps create a path that will not only utilize their individual strengths and gifts, but will challenge them to believe in themselves to introduce new ones. Tools for clients to change habits that do not serve them, exercises to recognize short-term and permanent obstacles, re-framing techniques to reduce negative self-talk, and the practice of self-compassion will be provided to begin the journey of empowerment for success.

When she's not helping her Permission Slip clients, Coya enjoys spending time with her teenage children, going on adventures with friends, and relaxing in nature.

Give yourself permission to be the best version of you! Contact Coya today!



Disclaimer:  Revive Collaborators are not employed by Revive Orofacial Therapy and Wellness Center. Revive collaborators are Independent Contractors and/or small business owners who have a referral relationship with Revive Orofacial Therapy and Wellness Center. Although the practitioners at Revive Orofacial Therapy and Wellness Center refer to Revive Collaborators in good faith due to their approach to health and wellness, Revive Orofacial Therapy and Wellness Center and it's practitioners are not responsible for any outcomes associated with treatments or therapies completed with any Revive Collaborators or any person and/or business patients choose to seek care from.

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